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Localization of Saccharomyces cerevisiae protein phosphatase 2A subunits throughout the mitotic cell cycle

Matthew S. Gentry and Richard L. Hallberg. 2002.
Molecular Biology of the Cell. 13 (10): 3477-3492. [696KB]

Phosphorylation-dependent regulation of septin dynamics during the cell cycle

Jeroen Dobbelaere, Matthew S. Gentry, Richard L. Hallberg, and Yves Barral. 2003.
Developmental Cell. 4 (3): 345-57. [4137KB]

A novel assay for protein phosphatase 2A (PP2A) complexes in vivo reveals differential effects of covalent modifications on different Saccharomyces cerevisiae PP2A heterotrimers

Matthew S. Gentry, Yikun Li, Huijun Wei, Farhana Syed, Sameer H. Patel, Richard L. Hallberg and David C. Pallas. 2005.
Eukaryotic Cell. 4 (6): 1029-1040. [466KB]

Insights into Lafora disease: malin is an E3 ubiquitin ligase that ubiquitinates and promotes the degradation of laforin

Matthew S. Gentry, Carolyn A. Worby, and Jack E. Dixon. 2005.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA. 102 (24): 8501-8506. [367KB]

Laforin: A dual specificity phosphatase that dephosphorylates complex carbohydrates


 Carolyn A. Worby, Matthew S. Gentry, and Jack E. Dixon. 2006.
Journal of Biological Chemistry. 281 (41): 30412-30418. [362KB]

An in vivo assay to quantify stable protein phosphatase 2A (PP2A) heterotrimeric species


 Matthew S. Gentry, Richard L. Hallberg, and David C. Pallas. 2006.
Methods in Molecular Biology. 365: 71-84. [382KB]

The phosphatase laforin crosses evolutionary boundaries and links carbohydrate metabolism to neuronal disease 

Matthew S. Gentry, Robert H. Dowen III, Carolyn A. Worby, Seema Mattoo, Joseph R. Ecker and Jack E. Dixon. 2007.
The Journal of Cell Biology. 178: 477-488. [4588KB]

A role for AGL ubiquitination in the glycogen storage disorders of Lafora and Cori disease


Alan Cheng, Mei Zhang, Matthew S. Gentry, Carolyn A. Worby, Jack E. Dixon, and Alan R. Saltiel. 2007.
Genes and Development. 21: 2399-2409. [1120KB]

A phosphatase cascade that regulates nuclear membrane biogenesis is conserved from yeast to human 


Youngjun Kim, Matthew S. Gentry, Thurl E. Harris, Sandra E. Wiley, John C. Lawrence, Jr. and Jack E. Dixon. 2007.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA. 104 (16): 6596-6601. [2226KB]

Malin decreases glycogen accumulation by promoting the degradation of protein targeting to glycogen (PTG)

Carolyn A. Worby*, Matthew S. Gentry*, and Jack E. Dixon. 2008.
Journal of Biological Chemistry. 283: 4069-4076. *These authors contributed equally. [293KB]

Conservation of the glucan phosphatase laforin is linked to rates of molecular evolution and the glycogen metabolism of the organism 

Matthew S. Gentry and Rachel M. Pace. 2009.
BMC Evolutionary Biology. 9:138. [2593KB]

STARCH-EXCESS4 is a Laforin-like Phosphoglucan Phosphatase Required for Starch Degradation Arabidopsis thaliana

Oliver Kötting, Diana Santelia, Christoph Edner, Simona Eicke, Tina Marthaler, Matthew S. Gentry, Sylviane Comparot-Moss, Jychian Chen, Alison M. Smith, Martin Steup, Gerhard Ritte, and Samuel C. Zeeman. 2009.
The Plant Cell. 21: 334-346. [888KB]

Structural insights into glucan phosphatase dynamics using amide hydrogen-deuterium exchange mass spectrometry.

Hsu S, Kim Y, Li S, Durrant ES, Pace RM, Woods VL Jr, Gentry MS. 2009.
Biochemistry. 48(41):9891-902.

Lafora disease: insights into neurodegeneration from plant metabolism


Gentry MS, Dixon JE, Worby CA. 2009.
Trends Biochem Sci. 34(12):628-39.


Adenovirus protein E4orf4 induces premature APCCdc20 activation in Saccharomyces cerevisiae by a protein phosphatase 2A-dependent mechanism

Mui MZ, Roopchand DE, Gentry MS, Hallberg RL, Vogel J, Branton PE. 2010.
J Virol. ;84(9):4798-809.

Structural basis for the glucan phosphatase activity of Starch Excess4


Vander Kooi CW, Taylor AOPace RMMeekins DA, Guo HF, Kim Y, Gentry MS. 2010.
Proc Natl Acad Sci USA. 107(35):15379-84.

Nature Molecule Review on Laforin


Vikas V Dukhande, Amanda R Sherwood, Matthew S Gentry. 2010.
UCSD-Nature Molecule Pages.

Laforin, a dual-specificity phosphatase involved in Lafora disease, is phosphorylated at Ser25 by AMP-activated protein kinase


Carlos ROM´A-MATEO*, Maria del Carmen SOLAZ-FUSTER*, Jos´e Vicente GIMENO-ALCA ˜ NIZ*, Vikas V. DUKHANDE†, Jordi DONDERIS*, Carolyn A. WORBY‡, Alberto MARINA*, Olga CRIADO§, Antonius KOLLER, Santiago RODRIGUEZ DE CORDOBA§, Matthew S. GENTRY†1,2 and Pascual SANZ*1,2 2011.

Biochem. J. PMID: 21728993


Malin and TRIM32 are related at the phylogenetic and functional level


Carlos Romá-Mateo1, Daniel Moreno1, Santiago Vernia1, Teresa Rubio1, Travis M Bridges2, Matthew S Gentry2† and Pascual Sanz1*† 2011.
BMC Evolutionary Biology. PMID: 21798009 

Laforin, a dual specificity phosphatase involved in Lafora disease, is present mainly as monomeric form with full phosphatase activity


Vikas V. Dukhande1, Devin M. Rogers1, Carlos Roma´-Mateo2, Jordi Donderis2, Alberto Marina2, Adam O. Taylor1, Pascual Sanz2*, Matthew S. Gentry1* 2011.
PLoS ONE. PMID: 21887368 

The phosphoglucan phosphatase like sex Four2 dephosphorylates starch at the C3-position in Arabidopsis


Diana Santelia,a,1 Oliver Ko¨ tting,a David Seung,a Mario Schubert,b Matthias Thalmann,a Sylvain Bischof,a David A. Meekins,c Andy Lutz,a Nicola Patron,d Matthew S. Gentry,c Fre´ de´ ric H.-T. Allain,b and Samuel C. Zeemana 2011.
Plant Cell. PMID: 22100529

Laforin and malin knockout mice have normal glucose disposal and insulin sensitivity


Anna A. DePaoli-Roach, Dyann M. Segvich, Catalina M. Meyer, Yasmeen Rahimi, Carolyn A. Worby, Matthew S. Gentry and Peter J. Roach. 2012.
Human Molecular Genetics. PMID: 22186021

Laforin, a protein with many faces: glucan phosphatase, adapter protein, et alii


Matthew S. Gentry, Carlos Roma-Mateo, and Pascual Sanz. 2012.
The FEBS Journal. PMID: 22364389

An assay to define glucan phosphatase activity


Amanda R. Sherwood, Bradley C. Paasch, Carolyn A. Worby, Matthew S. Gentry. 2013.
Analytical Biochemistry. PMID:23201267

Defining a mechanism of laforin dimerization


Pablo Sa´nchez-Martın, Madushi Raththagala, Travis M. Bridges, Satrio Husodo, Matthew S. Gentry, Pascual Sanz, Carlos Roma´-Mateo. 2013.
PLOS ONE PMID: 23922729

A bioassay for Lafora disease


Amanda R. Sherwood, Mary Beth Johnson, Antonio V. Delgado-Escueta, Matthew S. Gentry. 2013.
Clinical Biochemistry PMID: 24012855

A unique mechanism for starch dephosphorylation from the structure of Like Sex Four 2


David A. Meekins, Hou-Fu Guo, Satrio Husodo, Bradley C. Paasch, Travis M. Bridges, Diana Santelia, Oliver Kötting, Craig W. Vander Kooi, and Matthew S. Gentry. 2013.
The Plant Cell. PMID: 23832589

Phosphoglucan-bound structure of starch phosphatase Starch Excess4 reveals the mechanism for C6 specificity.


Meekins DARaththagala MHusodo SWhite CJ, Guo HF, Kötting O, Vander Kooi CW, Gentry MS. 2014.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA. PMID: 24799671 

Expression, purification and characterization of soluble red rooster laforin as a fusion protein in Escherichia coli.


Brewer MKHusodo S, Dukhande VVJohnson MB, Gentry MS. 2014.
BMC Biochem. PMID:24690255

Structural Mechanism of Laforin Function in Glycogen Dephosphorylation and Lafora Disease


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Commentary on the structure of LSF2


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The Plant Cell. PMID: 23898026

Insights into the mechanism of polysaccharide dephosphorylation


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Protein’s Structure Yields Clues to Lafora Disease


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Caching Killer Carbs


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Reading the Leaves for Clues to Origin of Rare Epilepsy


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