Joining the Lab

We have an assortment of PhD students, postdocs, technicians, and undergraduates working in the lab on a variety of projects. If you are interested in joining, you should read the below instructions and then contact Dr. Gentry. My expectation is that lab members are highly motivated and that they will work hard (and smart) in the lab.

Prospective Graduate Students:

To join the Gentry lab as a graduate student, you must be accepted to the University of Kentucky Integrated Biomedical Sciences (IBS) program. Follow the guidelines at the IBS website to apply to the program. Contact Dr. Gentry prior to visiting UK and/or the orientation process. I recommend reading at least one of our papers before setting up a meeting. You can download papers from the lab website. Our 2009 Trends in Biochemical Sciences review article is a good place to start. Stipends, tution, and insurance is provided if you are accepted into the IBS program.
IBS website:

Additional Funding Opportunities:


Travel awards:



Postdoctoral fellows in the lab are expected to apply for independent funding through grants and/or fellowships. You should send a cover letter, CV, and a list of three references via email to Dr. Gentry. I recommend reading a few of our papers before making contact and to make your cover letter specific to our work. Below are some links for funding opportunities:


To date, I have worked with 9 undergraduates, seven of which have completed their undergraduate degrees. Of the seven that have completed undergraduate, four have gone on to attend medical school, two are attending graduate school, and one took a position at a biotech company in San Diego.

Undergraduates begin working in the lab as part of an undergraduate course (i.e. Bio395) for credit. Once they have been in the lab for a semester or two, we work together in writing a proposal to obtain independent funding to support a paid position. Before applying to the lab, be sure to read at least one paper from the lab. You can download papers from the lab website. I recommend our 2009 Trends in Biochemical Sciences review article.

All undergraduates planning to work in the lab during the summer are required to apply for summer fellowships. Dr. Gentry will provide multiple sources, but it is the student’s responsibility to meet the deadlines.

To apply to the lab, send the following items to Dr. Gentry in an email:

  1. A cover letter (< 1 page) summarizing your experience and interest in biology/biochemistry, how long you plan to be at UK (i.e. your graduation date), when you would like to work in the lab [year(s) and semester(s)], your career goals, and your interest in the lab.
  2. A high school and undergraduate transcript.
  3. A current curriculum vitae (CV).

Gentry Lab Brochure
Skills For All Undergrads

Funding opportunities for undergraduates:

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Non-University of Kentucky students:

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