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Antibody Rabbit Anti-mouse IgGSyd LabsPA000248-BA10485mg216
Cuvettes trUViewBio-Rad170-25105059.00
DNA Ladder 100bpSyd LabsMB000051-102021000 μl85
DNA Ladder 100bpGold BioD001-30006x500 μl175
DNA Ladder 100bp PLUSGold BioD003-30006x500 μl175
DNA ladder 1kbSyd LabsMB000051-102011000 μl68
DNA Ladder 1kbGold BioD010-30006x500 μl175
DNA Ladder 1kb PLUSGold BioD011-30006x500 μl225
DNA Transfection Kit Safectine RU50Syd LabsMB000088-450‐2020 x 1.5 ml500
dNTP Mix, 10 mM eachSyd LabsMB000041-EN-11ml58
dNTP set, 100 mM eachSyd LabsMB000062-EN-241 ml180
Epitube 1.5mlUSA Scientific1615-550050012.95
Glutathione Beads (1005-25)Syd LabsMB000100-1005-2525ml372.96
IMAC 5ml Profinia CartridgeBio-Rad732-46145463.00
N, N-Methylene-bis-Acrylamide (GN1-50)Syd LabsMB000015-GN1-5050g16.8
Nickel (High Density) Agarose BeadsGold BioH-320-100100mL500
Nickel Beads (1018-25)Syd LabsMB000102-1018-2525ml247.8
PCR thin-wall microtube (0.2ml)Syd LabsMB000027-0.2ml2000/bag16.8
Protein Ladder (five color) (BWP-125)Syd LabsMB000034-BWP-12525 rxn/125l46.8
Protein Ladder Broad-RangeSyd LabsMB000034-BRP-12525 rxn/125l18
Protein Ladder I (PPM I-125)Syd LabsMB000034-PPM I-12525 rxn/125l42
Protein Ladder Low-Range (LRP-125)Syd LabsMB000034-LRP-12525 rxn/125l18
Protein Ladder Mid RangeSyd LabsMB000034-MRP-12525 rxn/125l18
Protein ladder, BLUEstain 3.5-245 kDaGold BioP008-30006x500 μl525
Protein LadderII (PPM II-125)Syd LabsMB000034-PPM II-12525 rxn/125l42
Sealing Film TempPlateUSA Scientific2921-000010045.25
Spin Column for Gel ExtractionSyd LabsMB000092-PC20020075
Syringe 10mlFisher Scientific148232A40068.48
Syringe 1mlFisher Scientific14-823-3010053.75
Syringe 20mlFisher Scientific14-823-2B16077.69
Syringe 3mlFisher Scientific14-823-4080073.94
Syringe 60mlFisher136898160163.21
Western Blot Detection Kit ECLSyd LabsIA000094-W-98041 set119
Western Blot Re-ProbeSyd LabsIA000099-W-9906300 ml99
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